Physical news workshop

We ran our first Physical Journalism workshop at the Hacks/Hackers Brisbane meetup in August 2019. The materials we used are now available under a Creative Commons licence.

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Hacks/Hackers workshop

The August HacksHackers BNE meetup will explore how journalists might tell stories in physical space and through physical things. As computers become more embedded in our physical world there is an opportunity for journalists to tell stories in different ways.

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Call for participants

We are looking for storytellers to explore how journalism could be designed for physical interaction. As computers move out of desktops and into the built environment, there is an opportunity to change the shape of news.

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Can journalism get physical?

As computation moves out of desktops and into the built environment and everyday objects, there is an opportunity to reimagine the ways in which journalism can be reshaped.

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What would the plants say?

What would the plants say? Amid global warming and environmental stress, what can plants tell us about our environment that other forms of communication can not?

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Hacking for real-world change

In science fiction, technologies mediating human-computer interaction is a common topic allowing us to envisage how new emerging devices and systems may continue to redefine even further the interrelationships between humans and the world outside.

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Sci-fi and the public sphere

The idea that people in a society can freely come together to discuss issues and take action is often challenged in science fiction, where media technologies suppress the public sphere.

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Winter research 2018

What can science fiction tell us about the future of journalism? How might we think about physical news?

As part of two winter research projects we’ll be taking inspiration from sci-fi novels and physical computing to gather inspiration for imagining journalism of the future. Over six weeks, well be looking at how writers have imagined how news and information might be communicated in the future and investigating the possibilities for physical news experiences. The aim is to create some provocation material for a design workshop later in the year.

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The JxD process

At the University of Queensland we’ve been teaching interaction design to journalism students for some time and noticed that many struggled with the uncertainty that surrounds designing. Design is about imagining possibilities and, unlike writing a news story, you often don’t know where the process will lead.

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Using design workbooks

Design workbooks or journals are valuable tools in generating ideas and documenting design work. They are useful throughout the Journalism Design process but particularly in the early stages of Discover and Imagine.

Design workbooks are collections of research, materials, ideas and proposals, and play an important role in helping to understand the nature of a problem and the possibilities for solving it.

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