We ran our first Physical Journalism workshop at the Hacks/Hackers Brisbane meetup in August 2019. The materials we used are now available under a Creative Commons licence.

The workshop aimed to get people thinking about the junction of tangible technologies and storytelling. To do this we developed a set of cards and four activities. The process took about 90 minutes, including time for beer and pizza.

You are welcome to share and adapt the work for non-commercial purposes as long as it is attributed. The full licence is here. Please attribute: Skye Doherty, Kathleen Jennings, Ben Matthews and Stephen Viller.

If you do use our resources, let us know. We are keen to find out where they travel and how. And we’d love your feedback. Tell us what you did, how it went, what improvements you made and whether it led to any great ideas.

Alternatively, if you’d like us to run a workshop for you, let us know.