The August HacksHackers BNE meetup will explore how journalists might tell stories in physical space and through physical things. As computers become more embedded in our physical world there is an opportunity for journalists to tell stories in different ways.

At the session, we’ll be running a workshop that aims to get people thinking about the intersection of tangible technologies — such as sensors, 3D printing, projections, RFID tags — and storytelling.

We’ll introduce some basic techniques for sketching and then use some design activities to imagine how tech and news might be combined in new ways. 

The workshop has been developed as part of the Physical Journalism research project so we’d like to document it for later evaluation. This means taking photos of what is made in the workshop. We are interested in the process of generating ideas, not the ideas themselves.

The official Participant Information Sheet is here. You can join the workshop without participating in the research.

DATE Wednesday August 28
TIME 6pm to 8.30pm
LOCATION ABC Brisbane, Southbank
RSVP via the HackHackers page.