Physical Journalism workshop at the August HacksHackers meetup in Brisbane.


Current Journalism Design projects focus on how to tell stories in through physical things. As computation increasingly merges with our physical world our modes of communication will take new forms. Two projects aim to explore the possibilities:

Physical Journalism

This project aims to explore what forms journalism might take if it was designed for physical interaction. During 2019 we will talk to news professionals about how they produce journalistic things and then use a design process to speculate on how this could be achieved for physical or situated interfaces, such as buildings, clothes or everyday things. So far, we have developed our thinking into a workshop. The Brisbane Hacks/Hackers BNE meetup group tied it out in August. 

Follow the Physical Journalism project here.


Gerald is an experiment in environmental communication. We are interested in how the public might access information about other living things directly from the environment. Our aim is to design a way to give people a deeper connection with their environment and a means of understanding changing conditions free from economic or political frames. Gerald, and his sister Vera, are our concept for this. As plants, they are rooted in their surroundings and their lived experience is different to that of humans.

The project began in later 2018 and is underway. Follow it here.