Card deck

Deck of 48 cards including 12 each for story, technology, frame and constraint.

Physical news workshop

We ran our first Physical Journalism workshop at the Hacks/Hackers Brisbane meetup in August 2019. The materials we used are now available under a Creative Commons licence.

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Developing the process via workshop

The JxD process is almost completed and will be available on this site very soon along with some additional resources.  Representing the process and all of it’s ‘layers’ (we think that’s a good way to describe this) has been challenging.  This final representation has been the result of a few steps, perhaps the most important being a design workshop around the JxD process. We originally designed a framework – a structure for thinking about Journalism Design, but as a result of the workshop, we realised we needed a process instead. Here’s a quick summary of how that workshop ran and what it produced.

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